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Country music.
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Enjoy browsing.
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76ZHello, nice site!

Armico <>
- 12/24/2004

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76ZHello, nice site!

Armico <>
- 12/24/2004
Computer Graphics
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- 12/24/2004

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5rahjtyHello, nice site!

Varis <>
- 12/23/2004
Very interesting...
Hello <>
- 12/23/2004
a funny thing happened to her...
another story <another>
- 12/22/2004
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San Miono - 12/19/2004
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- 12/17/2004
Let this be a lesson to you!
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- 12/16/2004
Binary star.
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- 12/14/2004
It\'s epoch-making discovery!!!
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- 12/13/2004
Welcome to Madison
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- 12/11/2004
New design style
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- 12/10/2004
Is everything ok?...
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- 12/07/2004
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San Diego - 12/07/2004
Nice site!
AmericanWolf <>
- 12/05/2004
Please, don\'t be cruel!
Kompaniets <>
- 12/02/2004
Please, don\'t be cruel!
Kompaniets <>
- 12/02/2004
Please, don\'t be cruel!
Kompaniets <>
- 12/02/2004
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San Diego - 11/29/2004
Hands off!
Saddam <>
- 11/29/2004
Well, what else could I say...
Vikko Joe <>
- 11/26/2004
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San Diego - 11/25/2004
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San Diego - 11/21/2004
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San Francisco - 11/11/2004
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San Diego - 10/31/2004
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San Diego - 10/20/2004
Like what you've done to the place. It's always cool to keep poppin in from time to time and see what new and unusual stuff you got a goin. See ya! Mike
Auto Insurance <>
Atlanta - 10/17/2004
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San Diego - 10/13/2004
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paxil <>
New York - 10/08/2004
Hi! Just wanted to thank you for all the work you put in this site. It looks great! Thanks!
Jeff Stephens <>
Orlando - 10/06/2004
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San Diego - 09/27/2004
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San Diego - 09/03/2004
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New York - 08/09/2004
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lipitor <>
Miami - 07/31/2004
Great Site! I love it. I'll be back soon! I like this site too: painting
painting <>
San Diego - 07/30/2004
BOFH Excuse #446: Mailer-daemon is busy burning your message in hell. paxil
paxil <>
New York - 07/30/2004
i do't know why people think bad of her.....she is nice,cute n' cheer. I don't care if u all don't like her but plz stay out of this fansite . Ayayachan is the best....Gabate Ayayachan
yurinara <>
Malaysia - 10/21/2003
If you people don't like Aya, why don't you stay away from this site? This is a FAN site for Aya Matsuura. Don't appreciate her? Don't come here.Good luck Aya, we love you!
USA - 10/20/2003
Ayayachan is not belong to somebody but to all her fan's.Even ayayachan is married but i believe not with u angelo.....
- 10/20/2003
i don't care even zound of people don't like her include "mr/ms. someone out there"......i agree that ayayachan like childish but that make her be herself n' more confident with herself .....that why people like her......Omaiyo-omaiyosha
yurinara <>
Malaysia - 10/20/2003
hello, i am a fan of matsuurai hope she will be able to have a concert at Thai embassy or esplanade.....Pls email some information of her thank you alot
wilchatter <>
S'pore Miyazaki - 10/19/2003
Aya?don't think she's beautiful and all.i think she's soooooooo childish. what's so beautiful in her face?and what's with keita?hey,they never look good together!keita looks more beautiful than more, is she smart?Just wanna know.
!?!someone out there!?!
- 10/19/2003
angelo <>
philippines - 10/19/2003
angelo <>
philippines - 10/18/2003
Ohaiyo....i like she b'coz she always be herself....Omaiyo...omaiyosha...Gabate ayayachan
yurinara <>
Malaysia - 10/17/2003
Ayaya kawaii .. ^^
+[ N U M ]+ <>
Thailand - 10/10/2003
I Luvvvv Aya so much! She's so cute.
Natty ^o^ <>
Bangkok,Thailand - 10/09/2003
i have to meet this girl one day. i swear i will. hrmm ... what a cute girl. cutest ever!
asen <asen at linuxmail dot org>
Jakarta - 10/07/2003
always be your fan, ayaya!kawaii sweet aya matsuura!
- 09/28/2003
i'm a new fan of her but i get so many great things at her.She just like doing all things in a cute way n' she also cute n' cheer.I hope it will be 4ever."gabate" ayayachan.
Yuri Nara
Malaysia - 09/26/2003
when the first time i see her,i just say in my heart,"what a cute young lady!".aya, i shite ru (i love u)
novian <>
indonesia - 09/22/2003
i just want to know her...she's so beatuful..yeah! when i see her face i feel that i'm in the sky....P.D somebody from japan... pls send me a mail (in english please) i want to do more friends :D,i have only two months in japan ,i dont know anybody...
brUnO <>
japan - 09/21/2003
oh yeah n whats with the pictures?..first she tries to be cute..then she wears all these revealing things and trying to be sexy at the same time..that just doesnt work..sorry
- 09/21/2003
i don't think ayas pretty at all..shes only looks cute and whats with her and keita? buying her underwear together thats a bit..slutish no effence hopefully it aint true.
- 09/21/2003
I'm from Spain .. and I only can say that I'm really in love of you , Aya ... well, I've the hope to see you , I know that's very difficult, but I love so much. kisses for you from spain
Snake <>
Espaņa - 09/19/2003
I love this site so much, I'm a big Aya Matsuura fan. I already linked this to my site, though Aya has nothing to do with it. So please be so nice and link my site too.
Telisha <>
Illinois - 09/08/2003
Ayaa I LuuuuuuV Yoouuuuuuu :p
Ulay`en`Ciel <>
Jakarta Indonesiaaaaa - 09/06/2003
Wow, I have to say Aya is a very beautiful, cute girl(^_^) and your website does her justice!! keep up the great work!!
Chris <> - 09/06/2003
I like aya's site a lot,and I was hoping that ya'll could put some of her songs on her site. ja ne
claire <>
- 08/24/2003
ooohhh...everyone has verycute comments about ayaya...why does she have big eyes? - ayaya i mean...
beside you - 08/16/2003
- 08/13/2003
Boku wa kiseki desu. Dozou yoroshiku onegaishimasu. Minna wa do? Ayaya wa honto ni kirekute kawaii desu. Ayaya ga suki..heheheh (^_^)
Kiseki <>
Bru - 08/11/2003
Hello! Im japanese and I just wanted to know if any body had a web page of ayaya in English. Im glad that you made this home page!itz got photoes and every thing! I like ayaya too cause shes cute and the songs she sings!!!
jyurika <>
japan - 08/01/2003
Aya? she's cute, right. but i think she's overexposing her petit body. i like her eyes, but her poses are so childish... she's already 17 and still she poses like that?! com'on!... and i don't like the songs she sings! they're VEERRYY childish! i don't like the way cute aya acts... sorry for the harsh comments...but the truth hurts... :-)
somewhere out there - 07/22/2003
Your Aya-chan page is second to non for an english site like this so thanks for making it. Looking thru the pictures gives me a brighter outlook on life =p She's so happy and cheerfull.
Vorpin Shatterstar <>
Black Dragon HQ, Baltimore Md - 07/21/2003
aya_chan all the way!!!!
Julian <julia_asik@hotmail>
singapore - 07/06/2003
que guapa que es!!!! es magnifica!! es la mejor cantante de j-pop que hay!!! ARRIBA AYA!!!! >.< que guapa que es.. ven a espaņa algun dia!!! viva el manga!!
Montse <>
Barcelona (Spain) - 07/04/2003
aya is my most favourite singer ........ kawai desu nee!
Duomax <>
Indonesia - 06/28/2003
Aya es la cantante mas hermosa que haya visto en mi vida. Estoy completamente enamorado de ella. Muchos Besos(Mike)
Miguel Angel <>
Argentina - 06/22/2003
such a great site for such a great entertainer. her birthday is coming up. where can we offer our best wishes to her? good luck to all.
v2torpedo <>
massachusetts, usa - 06/21/2003
You have got to be one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Would love to correspond with you. Please feel free to email me any time. Take care. God Bless. And continued success in all of your endeavors.
Brian Lesnikowski <www.brimalenurse>
Ft Myers, Fl - 06/10/2003
Hello! Project Information Village - Unofficial Fan Site This is a new site that I created about the store in Hawaii. Info and virtual tour.
rmd <>
Hawaii - 06/08/2003
Fantastic page, devote to Aya. This is a great layout and you have great pictures. I liked the wallpapers and hope to see more soon. Keep this one up, it's bookmarked and I hope to link to it ASAP.
Vanessa Ayukawa <>
USA California - 05/25/2003
aya is my favorite singer is very kawaii!!! soo cute , the page is very very good congratulation!! bye byee
yuyu-flame <>
chile!!!!!! - 05/09/2003
cool! aya! kawaii!!
UK - 04/29/2003
It's Cool~!! ^-^)/
La_No <>
Korea - 04/20/2003
Nice I know what you've been up to lately. School is comin up for you though Josie....see ya.
Mikey <>
Oahuuuuuuuuu - 04/17/2003
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